About Modern Classics

It’s finally here, the magazine you’ve been waiting for, the one that celebrates the cars you had on your bedroom wall as a kid

Unlike other car magazines we tell you what these cars are really like to drive, without fear of repercussions from PR agencies. The best cars on the best roads – what’s not to love? 

Each month we pick our Clever Money Car – a great vehicle to drive now, and an even better one to keep in the garage for a rainy day. We show you how to filter the dross when looking for a modern classic in our monthly Buyers’ File. We also show you the latest ups and downs in The Market with our guide to what’s hot and what’s not.

Every month Your Drives showcases the variety of readers’ classics and reveals, from those in the know, what they’re really like to drive every day. We also bring you our tales of motoring nirvana and, more often than not our failures to proceed, in the Our Drives section. 

Modern Classics lives and breathes old cars and we want you to be a part of it.

Meet the team


John-Joe Vollans


Our editor has been writing about old cars for a decade and in that time, he has contributed to a vast array of motoring magazines and websites. He’s a serial re-homer of tired old classics. One of these days he might even get around to finishing one of his projects…


Nathan Chadwick

Assistant Editor

Nayf has been involved in the old cars business for nearly as long as JJ. Starting out as a sub editor for Classic Cars magazine, he’s now able to indulge his first passion – Italian performance cars. His personal collection consists of a fine Alfa Romeo 147 GTA and a Twin Spark 166 Ti.


Simon Russell

Art Editor

First and foremost a two-wheel guy, our Si has finally seen sense and come over to our side. Though he still can’t seem to shake off his years as the designer of Performance Bikes magazine. Si also has a penchant for Italian metal, we think his Ducati is the ideal antidote to his diesel Jaguar daily.


Jethro Bovingdon


Regular contributor and road tester, Jethro brings a wealth of experience to the MC stable. His time spent at EVO forged him as one of the top magazine testers and writers out there. He’s currently presenting Motor Trend’s Head-to-Head show, check it out to see his wheel skills in action.


Tiff Needell


Top Gear royalty and current Fifth Gear presenter, Tiff (Needles to his friends) needs very little introduction. Starting his racing career in a Formula Ford that he won in a magazine competition, Tiff has lined up on the grid in every field from Formula One to Le Mans. His opinion therefore matters.

Lewis K.jpg

Lewis Kingston

Markets Expert

Our market guru Lewis spends his time scouring the classifieds and auction listings, keeping a watch on what’s moving and what’s not. He has an eclectic taste in cars, refusing to be pinned down to one make or marque. If something sneaks through cheap or breaks a record, Lewis knows about it.


Keith Adams

Founding Editor

Without this man there would be no Modern Classics. Keith came up with the germ of the idea and was brave enough to pitch it to the suits and see it through to reality. Having spent time at Octane magazine and currently editor of Parkers.co.uk Keith just can’t break the old-car habit.


Tony Middlehurst


You might know Tony from his ‘Shed of the Week’ column on a certain popular motoring web portal, or from his motoring contributions to various national newspapers. We know him as a legendary road tester with many a story to tell from his years spent on the new car launch circuit.

Lewis P.jpg

Lewis Plumb

Digital Marketing

The new guy at MC, Lewis spends his day working on website stuff that none of us really understand. When he’s not muttering code and SEO gibberish he’s working on marketing strategy and social media. Lewis loves cars too, he’s just waiting to get a bit older so he can afford the insurance on something exciting.