Audi RS6 Plus

Audi RS6 Plus

Cost new: £77,364 Value now: £34,880

Four to the floor with 10-cylinder shock and awe – we can't resist having a go


Depreciation usually saves its biggest attacks for large, powerful saloons. However, the RS6 appears to be bucking that trend. Yes, it’s nearly half its original value, but compared to a similar-specced Merc or BMW, it’s held firm remarkably well.

A big part of that is rarity – most RS6s sold were Avants. The example you see before you is one of a handful with a boot.

This one, number 433 of 500 Plus models built, looks fantastic in Mugello Blue. Other than a few stonechips on the snout, plus some swirl marks, the only visible imperfections are a couple of light scratch marks on the fuel filler cap. The alloy wheels are in excellent condition, with no signs of kerbing or corrosion, and the 275/35 ZR20 Pirelli P-Zeros that adorn each one look brand new.

The interior is in good condition too – the Valcona leather is largely untouched, though there is light bolster wear to the driver’s seat plus some creasing on the squab. There’s also a scuff on the plastic next to the seat controls, but all other user interfaces are in perfect condition.

A look at the service book reveals this one-owner car has received yearly service from Coulsden Audi in Surrey, with the last stamp from 2016. 

This example is a Plus edition, which means in addition to the trim adornments detailed below, it has a derestricted engine with a claimed 188mph top end. Sadly there wasn’t time – or enough road – to test the veracity of that figure, but this RS6 is eye-poppingly quick. It’s also surprisingly refined when doing so – that Lamborghini-related V10 is fairly muted unless you’re really going for it. 

The handling is neutral whatever speed you’re going at, and the shifts from the ZF six-speed gearbox are instantaneous. The suspension, though a little firm, is nowhere near as bad as the anti-Audi brigade might suggest.

We didn’t hear any noises or feel any peculiar vibrations through either the drivetrain or the suspension, and the brakes were sharp yet predictable. The steering, though initially light and lacking in feel, was free of any slop.

This RS6 feels absolutely solid, and frankly seems brand new; we don’t understand why you’d downsize with a new one... 

Audi RS6 Plus


Choose your Audi RS6 (C6) 

 The C6 Audi RS6 was launched at the Frankfurt Motor Show in late 2007, with production starting in April 2008. At the
time it was Audi’s most powerful road car ever. These first-series cars had 572bhp and could hit 60mph in around 4.5 seconds, though they were limited to 155mph. Unrestricted, they could go to 170mph, given a long enough autobahn.
 In 2010 Audi launched the RS6 Plus, which featured special trim, carbon fibre adornments, sports suspension, bespoke alloy wheels and a 188mph top speed, necessitating a presumably even longer autobahn.
 Production ends in late 2010.