Trending: Mitsubishi 3000GT/GTO on the up?

This Japanese super-GT is starting to come into its own

 The tech can trip you up, but the style is still strong.

The tech can trip you up, but the style is still strong.

Look upon this as an opportunity, because interest is definitely rising in Mitsubishi’s super-coupé at the same time as prices are, if anything falling. 3000GTs might never match Porsche’s 928 for effortless cool, but you do get a lot of car and technology for the money.

Few were sold new in the UK, due to them being expensive and not German. In fact, it’s believed more have arrived since as secondhand imports from Japan where they were badged GTO rather than 3000GT. Japan also got a low-fat model without the twin turbos, so you have a choice. What must be the best example available – a cosseted UK-market manual car with 33,000 miles and ‘GTO’ plate – is on offer privately in Scotland for £11,000. That’s not a fortune, but you can get nice examples of these 0-60 in 5.8 seconds rockets for much less. Two recently popped up at auction: a UK 86,000-miler with 29 service stamps that was snapped up for just £4288, and a Japanese twin-turbo GTO imported in 2005 (and still mercifully standard) that made a similar £4180.

Avoid modded stuff and cars that have stood for a long time (they don’t like that) and you can hardly lose. Want to read more articles like this?