Stunning 964 Turbo heads to auction

For many years the 964 was seen as the ugly sister in the 911 range. That helped to suppress values, but as with almost everything else in the Porsche market, things have changed.


That helps explain the 250,000 to 300,000 Euros estimated for this 1994 964 Turbo 3.6. But hold your horses – don’t go thinking that it’s just market hype. The 964 Turbo is truly special.


That’s because it’s the last rear-wheel drive 911 Turbo (GT2 models aside) – the 993 follow-up was four-wheel drive. That means it’s possibly the last scary mainstream 911 Turbo.

It’s also fairly rare – built during a time of great uncertainty at Porsche, and launched straight into a Europe-wide recession and newly green-conscious society, buyers weren’t exactly beating a path to dealers’ doors. There are far fewer 964 Turbos than 993s, which has helped keep values firm.

The car before you is more special than most. It’s got the later 3.6-litre engine (sourced from the Carrera 4), which in standard form delivered a mighty 360bhp. It looked the part, with larger 18in wheels, lower suspension, front anti-roll bar. It’s a proper brute, isn’t it?

This particular car, up for grabs with RM Sotheby’s at its Retromobile sale in paris on February 7, is even more special. It’s got the X88 factory power kit, which mean modified cylinder heads, bigger cams and a larger turbocharger. That all added up to a meaty 385bhp. Just 51 of these cars are thought to exist


This one’s got heated seats, the X92 and X93 Exclusive front and rear spoilers, XE2 quad exhaust and brake cooling air intakes. It’s also been freshly serviced, had a new coat of Indian Red in 2007 and new brakes and clutch at 101,000km.

We think it looks beautiful – but will it reach its 250k-300k Euro estimate? Let us know via social media, and keep tuned for live coverage from the auction on February 7.

Pictures courtesy of Peter Singhof/RM Sotheby’s