Performance BMW fans eye up Alpinas

Performance BMW fans eye up Alpinas

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Alpinas have been adding an extra dose of interest to high-end auctions for a little while now. From RM Sotheby’s to Silverstone Auctions, most of the big players have been bigging up the Buchloe marque’s back catalogue.

It’s easy to see why. Low build-number Porsches are auction-room gold dust, and Alpinas have always been rare and special. But the wider market has yet to cotton on, as we found when delving into the Euro-classifieds to find bargains. 

An E38 750iL-based B12 6.0 we found in Spain was number seven of just 94 of these 430bhp V12 cruisers. It was on private sale at a tempting £33k.

Too big? How about this Dutch E36 B8 4.6 Coupé (pictured above)? Only 78 of these 333bhp V8s were built. They deliver the equivalent of the M3’s peak torque at just 1000rpm. £55k isn’t pocket money, but the reward is something much rarer than an E46 M3 CSL.

Best value? Enter the B10 BiTurbo. 

This 380bhp sleeper offered Testarossa- crushing performance back in the day, and with Euro prices starting at £42k, it looks good against the huge sums asked for the much more common E34 M5s. 

Alpinas have previously been the preserve of scene enthusiasts, but now the BMW-following mainstream is showing its love. We’re expecting Alpinas to become highly covetable soon as rare German performance becomes an auction hall buzzphrase.