Mercedes-benz 636-amg

Monster V8 Merc with a sub-five second 0-60mp time and room for the kids 


Depreciation really is opening the doors to some astonishing cars right now. This good-as-new C63 AMG wagon, for example. This classy hot-rod for the whole family would have set its first owner back a mammoth £55,000 including the optional performance pack (£3210). Now, ten years later, it’ll cost less than half (£25,950). That’s a serious saving on what’s still one of the fastest estate cars on the road. This C63 wagon drew my eye at Wallis & Son, Cambridge. 



Its gills, scoops and muscular wheelarch extensions leave you in little doubt as to the nature of this über-Benz. This example hasn’t been used to carry dogs to the local woods either. It's one pampered wagon. There’s really nothing to the exterior that gives away its decade of use. As it sits a little lower to the tarmac than a standard W204 C-Class, getting in requires a small stoop. There’s also some huge bolsters to the seats that need negotiating. If we’re being super picky, there are some mild signs of wear to the very edge of those bolsters. This only consists of a little colour lifting, which could easily be put right before it gets any worse.

Firing the huge 6.2-litre V8 engine (not 6.3-litre as the wing badge claims) feels like pulling the pin on a hand grenade and giving it a cuddle. There’s the same sense of a latent explosion about to go off. Excitement builds with every blip of the throttle. The quad tailpipes singing a hooligan hymn. Gingerly taking off down some greasy winter roads I’m well aware of the enormous reserves of torque nestled under that bulging bonnet. The C63 turns out to be a pussy cat though. Yes, that engine is an absolute beast, slipping the rear tyres in first, second and third gears, but it never really feels like it wants to deposit you in the verge. The traction control is pretty merciful and allows a certain amount of slide before stopping things getting silly. The upgraded brakes are excellent, hurling you forward on the belts when you bury the pedal, but if you want more control they’re easily managed. Comfort levels are of the highest level and cabin noise remains low at all times, unless that engine climbs into higher revs. We’re very impressed with this example, it’s as close to a new W204 as you’re likely to find. There’s nothing to fault from our drive and the history and mileage make this an ideal future investment.

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