Original or Restored: You Decide

Original or Restored: You Decide

Sierra Cossie2.jpg

The old ‘original or restored’ debate  raised its head again recently when two Sierra Cosworths were offered at the same auction. 

One, in white, was a 42,000-mile car that was fresh from £28,000 worth of professional restoration work, oddly described in the catalogue as ‘body off’. Off what, exactly? That aside, it was close to perfection and came with two sets of wheels.

The other one was a black 26,000- miler that was original right down to its standard exhaust system and correct period tyres. Grunty glory, just as Ford intended it. The auction house thought slightly less of this one’s prospects, giving it a £50k top estimate compared to £55k for the restored car. 

In both cases those looked like rather optimistic numbers, and so it proved, though not by much. In fact, the result was a dead heat, both cars selling for £46,200. Sounds about right, but what about the initial question? We’d go for restored, as we’d be less worried about driving it.