Stop Press: A low-priced Z1 to leave you Beemer-ing

Stop Press: A low-priced Z1 to leave you Beemer-ing


The clamour for convertible BMWs (see right) does not necessarily apply to all roofless Munich cars – yet. 

The Z cars are proof. A few issues ago we highlighted the price disparity of the Z4 M tin lid compared to the canvas top, and the difference between the Z3 M versions is steeply marked. 

But if you think of iconic Z cars, the original Z1 perhaps presents the biggest chance of overnight value-blossoming. Twenty-five years ago it was a sensation: a rakish injection-moulded plastic and glassfibre body over a steel substructure, with doors disappearing into the sills. It may not be rocketship-fast, but it’s good-looking and now fairly rare. Of the 8000 built, only 67 remain in the UK, with just a handful for sale in Euro-classifieds. 

Another concept car made real, the Alfa Romeo SZ, costs £50k these days, and the Z1 is half the price. That’s good value for what you get, but the Z1 (see above) at Silverstone Auctions’ May 19 sale is even better value. Certified by BMW Classic and freshly MoT’d with refurbished doors, it’s done just 18,000 miles and has an estimate of £25k-£30k. It would be a steal if it goes for that. 

In a few years time, such figures could be seen as really cheap. The Alfa SZ doubled in price in a very short time, and although it’s considerably rarer than the Z1, the BMW has a much wider appeal. Definitely one to watch. More details at