February 2018

Want a sneek peak of the February issue? Here's a few highlights:



e see if the 911 is still the King. The Aston & Maserati challenge Porsche for ultimate driver thrills. We also drive a very special Honda Civic Type R - The joy of revs in the GTI-beating, third-gen Type R. We also uncover why the Audi S2 Coupe is only 208 cars away from extinction and we tell you how to buy Renault's fast- appreciating B-road weapon. The Clio Williams.


Clever Money Cars

The GTI for grown-ups. The 'Anti-GTI' 318is exclusivity, sporting class and killer styling - and it's still under the radar... just


Lexus IS-F 

Lexus is a brand that has always garnered respect. With the IS-F it set out to take on AMG. But was it successful, and do you want one? 


Endangered species

The missing link - Replacing the UR Quattro was always going to present a challenge. Audi's S2 was a worthy successor - so why are there so few left? 

Lewis Plumb