January 2019

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he January 2019 issue of Modern Classics magazine is out now, and we bring you Trendspotting. We count down the top 40 1990s cars still available for £15,000, from the Jaguar XKR to the Lotus Elise.

Elsewhere, we dive deep into some Blue Oval nostalgia with an adolescent hero, the Ford Fiesta XR2 with one the few left. At the other end of the scale we indulge in hyper-GT delights with the controversial Ferrari 612 Scaglietti. Unloved when new, does this Maranello machine deserve a shot at redemption?

Next Keith Adams samples some top-notch French cuisine in the form of the Alpina A610 and Venturi Atlantique – which one serves up the full Michelin Star-rating experience. PLUS: columns from Jethro Bovingdon, Tiff Needell and Keith Adams, the latest market moves from Lewis Kingston and a lot more besides.

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Think you’ve missed the boat on the decade’s greatest cars? Think again, you can still scalp a slice of 1990s hero motoring for less than £15,000

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The Last Aristocrat

The Ferrari 612 Scaglietti represent the final fling for big, graceful Ferrari 2+2s. But can this much-maligned GT finally live up to its Maranello roots?

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Those Teenage Kicks

Boy racers and rot have wrecked many an XR2. Want to relive your youth? Better be quick…

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French Fancies

The new Alpine A110 is tempting Porsche fans out of their Caymans, but how does Alpine’s last supercar do against rare French hero Venturi?

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