March 2019

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ho said the commute had to be a chore? We pick three noughties hot hatches that will put a smile on your face whatever the weather. Our route takes in a trip to Ikea followed by a blast around Mid-Wales where we sort out the best drive and the best day-to-day hatch. Like your performance with even more practicality? You’re in luck, as we pitch two early 1990s unicorns against one another. The BMW M5 Touring (E34) takes on the Audi RS2 for Germanic wagon supremacy. Where did all the Honda Preludes go? Honda’s high-tech coupe has all-but vanished, especially the ground-breaking third generation model which introduced four-wheel steering. We take Honda’s own heritage Prelude for a blast in the Spanish mountains to show why you’ve missed out. Keeping things Japanese, we delve into the fascinating history of the Nissan 300ZX (Z32) and explain how it changed the coupe game forever, forcing Toyota to take its MkIV Supra back to the drawing board. Finally, in this issue, our resident Maserati apologist Nathan Chadwick puts an Aston Martin V8 Vantage through its paces on some of Bedfordshire’s finest B-roads. Will it live up to his beloved Trident-badged GTs or will its sporting character win him over? Buy this issue to find out…

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Daily Drive Heroes

Noughties hero hatches proved you could have fun every day but are they still up to the job? A trip to Ikea followed by the long-way home sorts them out…

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Great Drives

When we last drove an Aston Martin vantage 4.3, we all loved it. Well, apart from Nathan. He still doesn’t think it’s a great GT. It’s talents lie elsewhere, he says…

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Head To Head

They’re both fast and furiously practical, but did BMW or Audi make the best shooting brake?

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Endangered Species

Honda’s third-generation Prelude was a technical masterpiece but sadly few were impressed enough to buy one. JJ drives it to see if we’ve missed out…

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