Alfa Romeo GT 3.2 V6



rices for good, low-mileage 147 GTAs and 156 GTAs have been rising for the past two years. Reflecting just how rare and entertaining GTAs are, we’ve seen both push £15,000 for mint examples. Scale it back a notch and good, useable cars with around 70k miles are now pushing £11k.

However, for a similar-mileage GT, you’re looking at just over half the price. We’re serious; you get that same engine, the final incarnation of the Giuseppe Busso-designed V6, wrapped up in a beautiful Bertone body, for half the price. For now...

Forget the fact that certain respected motoring journalists seem to have lost some of their memory in the feverish rush to praise the new Giulia Quadrifoglio, asserting that no Alfa in the past 30 years has passed muster at all – they’re all glorified Fiats, according to them.

That journalists’ amnesia had spread to the average punter, poisoning the water for the likes of the GT. For many years the Alfas of the 2000s that shared the Busso V6 were on a steadfastly downward trajectory. That’s in spite of just how good these cars can be – as proven by the reviews from those same certain journalists over the years.

But the times they are a changing – we’ve already seen a 24,000-mile GT nudge £10k, although good, investable cars can still be had for £7-8k. It won’t be long until the upward trajectory follows that of the GTAs.

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