Aston Martin V8 Vantage

Prestige for the common man

AM V8 Vantage.jpg


entley, Mercedes and Aston Martin were just some of the prestige marques that 20-odd years ago started to massively step up production to feed a growing number of younger rich folk wanting toys.

Down the line, second-hand demand for such cars has not kept up, and oversupply means they are quickly falling to a fraction of their near-six-figure-upwards starting prices. We pointed out some Bentley Continental GT bargains last month, but now turn to the even more exciting two-seater AM V8 Vantage introduced in 2005 in coupé and roadster form. The first series – up to 2008 – came with a quad-cam 4280cc V8 worth an arse-kicking 380bhp and good for 60 in just 4.7 seconds.

Astons have traditionally been cars most only dreamt of owning, but you can now buy a very good Vantage for well under £30k. In fact the roadster pictured above – immaculate, well-specced and with the preferred manual ’box – was recently sold by Historics for a bottom-estimate £27,440. It’s no fluke either – there are lots to choose from and plenty of dealers willing to slap your hand at as little as £22k for a coupé.