Aston Martin DB9: The Smart Choice


Sometimes you need a bit of perspective to see that something is off-kilter, and it came on May 19. While someone was paying over £47k for a low-mile Sierra Cossie at Silverstone, someone else down in Surrey was bagging an Aston Martin DB9 with only 5000 more miles on the clock and flawless history for £31,920.

That’s the going rate for a very nice one now – they’ve dropped to DB7 Vantage levels (which are starting to creep up). On the same day another DB9 – a first-year car with 53,000 miles – went for £27,563 at Silverstone.

At those levels you’re buying the excellent six-speed automatic. Manual cars are rare and command a £5k premium, which is mad because in as little as 5000 miles they can eat clutches that cost £2k to replace.

That aside, the DB9 is proving pretty durable, including the 6.0-litre V12. Giving 450bhp in these earlier cars, you just have to watch out for oil leaks. Bodywise, they are aluminium, although you should look for bubbles around door handles and panel edges.

Other than that, what are you waiting for? There’s little else you can buy for this money that has the same presence, performance and class.