Trending: BMW E30

BMW’s game-changing Eighties E30 range continues its seemingly unstoppable rise, at a time when other marques and models have levelled out or even slipped back a bit.

BMW E30 325i.jpg


T's an across-the-board trend, but the favourites are estates, convertibles or anything with two doors, and those with the 2.5 engine. But what really gets the collectors sweating and reaching for their online banking apps are those with total originality and low mileage. There are few around, because these were largely cars that were bought to use and most have been used up.

Even auction houses get caught out by how much people are now willing to pay for the best examples. Witness the stunning soft-top pictured, recently offered at Silverstone Auctions’ Silverstone Classic two-day sale. Granite Silver with Crimson leather, it had the lot – including a celebrity past.

Owned in the past by famed popster and car-guy Jay Kay, it was factory down to the never-unwrapped first aid kit. But most importantly it has done just 15,600 miles. Unheard of.

Silverstone pegged it at £27,500-£32,500, but this was always going to set a new record for a non-M3. It sold for £42,188. No one should be surprised.

Lewis PlumbFord, XR4x4