Trending: Champion of the Astras: why Vauxhall's 80s hatch is hot stuff

Values of the relatively humble Vauxhall Astra GTE MkII have recently started to take off.

Astra GTE.jpg


n extreme example of this is in the 1990 GTE 16V pictured, which appeared on eBay recently and, after 34 bids, sold for an astonishing £7000, despite the obvious condition of its body and the 90,000 miles on the clock.

However, its identity provides some explanation for this result as this was one of just 250 Champion Edition cars built with leather interiors and BBS alloys amongst other things. Few if any others survive though, and super-rare is always a great attraction in any classic.

That might be a one-off, but there’s a lot more being asked and paid for GTEs than a year ago. The 8V cars are less favoured – as in period – but we’re seeing plenty of those in the £5500-£6000 range.

16-valve GTEs are what really get the Griffin guys and gals going, and the better examples start at six grand, with asking prices as high as £9995, even without the golden bullet of low mileage – rare on GTEs as so many were sold as company cars back in the day.

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