Ferrari 348

The Ferrari that’s a real gift horse…

Ferrari 348.jpg


errari’s 348 is stuck between a rock and a hard place – the rock in question being the old-school 328 and the hard place being the later F355 that everyone thinks they want. In between languishes the 348, less loved than either and for that very reason a whole lot cheaper too.

Yet is there anything actually wrong with the 348? We say not. The fact of the matter is that their lesser reputation comes from early road test criticism of the car’s on-limit handling. This has stuck thanks to bar-room repetition by people who’ve never even driven a 348. In reality, anyone driving on the road in a manner at which those handling nuances could be felt would have to be a) Lewis Hamilton, or b) certifiable.

A pair recently popped up at auction, one with 40,000 miles, the other 51,000. Both were in superb condition, and importantly UK market right-hookers, so we’re not talking about the many ‘lefties’ currently clogging dealer forecourts.

They sold, respectively, for £43,875 and £40,500. That’s a good ten per cent down on where values were a year ago, and that makes them a lot of slick, fast Ferrari for the money.

Lewis PlumbFerrari, 348