Ferraris are getting cheaper


Silverstone Auctions did well with its one-marque Ferrari sale in May, working in association with Ferrari Owners’ Club GB to sell over 70% of the cars. To temper that good result, not one lot went for over its pre-sale estimate, confirming what we’ve observed before – that while people still want Ferraris, they’re not paying last year’s prices. Things are settling back to more sensible levels at last.

Which means more folk have a realistic chance of seeing that Prancing Horse logo in their garage – and not just nailed to the wall. As entry-level Ferraris go, the 456GT is a very good place to start. It almost borders on sensible, with near enough four seats, and a front engine to quell the nervousness some have of high-powered mid-engined handling. But they’re not too sensible – at launch this was by far the fastest front-engined car money could buy, with that 436bhp V12 being good for 184mph.

Silverstone had a lovely ’03 456M GTA with under 29k miles, the right service record and a recent cambelt change, but the right price proved to be a below-estimate £47,250.