Trending: Fiat Coupe

The slash-cut Coupe is actually a repeat offender in the Trending column.…

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ight months ago we reported a growing interest in these radically styled and great-to-drive cars, but with no discernible growth in price that would normally accompany dwindling numbers in a cult car like this.

In a relatively short time that’s all changed. Interest is still growing, but prices are starting to shoot upwards to match. Cars listed at anything below the new going rate are being snapped up within days, and as ever in a rising market, there’s a regular drip-feed of those for anyone who’s quick on the draw. Otherwise, to join the party you’ll need to modify your expectations. Turbo models with a reasonable 80-90k on the clock that were £6500 last year are now more like £8000.

Find one of the more sought after limited-run LE or Turbo Plus models and it’s more like £10k plus, even from private sellers. No surprise when you realise there are just 21 and 64 respectively currently taxed. There’s actually little difference between the two models, but they are a step up from regular Turbos. Don’t leave it too late – all Fiat Coupes are quick and rewarding cars to drive.

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