Ford Escort Cabriolet

Why a topless Escort is worth your cash…

Escort Cabrio.jpg


arely a month ago we were assured by another market expert that Escort Cabriolets couldn’t be taken seriously and would never amount to anything. Three grand, tops, was his opinion. He seemed to have a point at the time, as even in their early days they were considered naff, with a whiff of Essex nightclubs and matching handbags.

Yet in the blink of an eye the market has proved him wrong and taken the Romford runabout to heart. Classic Car Auctions struck first, with an ’89 XR3i Cabrio with plenty of history, 58,000 miles and a power hood. Even so, the £5000-£7000 seemed a bit steep. Far from it, as things turned out. It sold for a full-on £8250, or about the same as a similar hatched version.

Fluke? A week later Historics rolled out a less desirable regular 1.6 Cabriolet, though with under 30k on the milometer. It was in stiletto white, too. It seemed risky at no reserve, but made a handy £4704.

Our friend’s gone a bit quiet now.