Ford Fiesta MkI

A Ford Fiesta MkI doubles its value between auctions



140-mile unregistered Ford Fiesta MkI that has spent the past five months travelling between auction houses has more than doubled in value.

Long interned in London’s Science Museum, where it lived for 37 years, it was removed from the museum in a special jig that allowed it to fit in a service lift. The car was then guided to £6612 at Bonham’s Beaulieu International Autojumble sale on 1 September 2018. It reappeared on 5 February as part of H&H’s first ever online consignment – where it sold for £14,950, a record for a non-performance Fiesta MkI. founder Mitesh Parmar reckons an average-mileage 950 in good nick – without this car’s provenance – is worth about £5k.

Lewis PlumbMercedes, G-wagen