Ford Fiesta XR2

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here’s a lot of talk about markets deflating as Brexit looms. But we’ve only seen evidence of it at the very high end of the market.

A case in point was Silverstone Auctions’ Lancaster Insurance NEC Classic Motor Show sale in mid-November. While it struggled to sell big ticket Ferraris above £300k, it did a roaring trade in fast Fords. Witness the stunning £25k achieved for a MkIII Ford Fiesta RS Turbo, and the £26k achieved for the S2 Ford Escort RS Turbo. These cars were minter than mint and had only minimal mileages, but it proves that the right buyers are there for the right cars.

Still struggling? Witness the 19k-mile Fiesta XR2 that went for just under £18k and the concours-winning Escort RS Cosworth for a smidge over £60k.

Though these cars were all of the highest quality, it points to a trend where former ‘banker’ brands like Ferrari, Porsche and Aston Martin are wavering, while more down-to-earth classics are reaching big money.

It now looks worth restoring these cars, which is a good thing – we’ve seen several undergo full-bore professional restorations. We don’t see that trend folding up any time soon...

Lewis PlumbFord, Fiesta, XR2