Rise of the Honda NSX


You’re probably all aware of the Honda NSX – the supercar that’s like a Ferrari 348 but built to Japanese rather than Italian standards. And yes, it really is as good as that sounds.

But, however good the NSX is, they’ve always been held back in the market by badge snobbery. Almost overnight, however, it seems that this anti-Japanese snobbery has all but vanished.

People have been struck down by an epidemic of good sense, perhaps brought on by flaky Italian electrics and silly parts prices. NSX values have now almost closed the previous £15k-£20k gap to 348s. For cars with decent mileages in the 40-60,000 range (which is most of them, as these aren’t shopping cars) dealers are now routinely asking £55k-£60k, and selling them.

It’s not too late to get on board. There are still opportunities, as word hasn’t reached all ears yet. We’ve seen a really nice private 46,000-miler offered for £49k, and another with more miles for just £35k. But you’ll have to race the dealers to them.