Trending: Honda NSX-R

The Honda NSX-R will be instantly recognisable to any fans of the Gran Turismo series of PlayStation games, but probably less so to analogue 3D car nuts.

NSX Type-R.jpg


he Type-R was only ever produced for the Japanese market, with just 464 built from 1992-95, plus another short run after the NSX’s 2002 3.2-litre facelift. However, the odd example has been imported to the UK, and more may be on the way as a number have popped up recently in Japanese auctions – a feed point for the still-strong market for UK imports.

A 1995 car with just 860 kilometres (534 miles) on the clock recently sold for £223,188 at BH Auction, which is almost certainly a record. However, even those with a more normal mileage can still expect to push the £100k mark, such is their collectability. For comparison, that’s around double the price of a regular NSX.

The NSX-R’s excitement comes not from the usual route of engine tweaks, but the age-old hot-rodding method of chucking out weight. That’s not easy in an aluminium-bodied car that had already made lightness a virtue, but Honda managed to slim it by 120kg anyway.

Definitely one for your wishlist.