Trending: Maserati Ghibli II

Here’s something for the bravely clever or foolhardy – it’s a tightrope walk that could mean someone walks away with a cast-iron bargain.



lthough the Maserati Ghibli II shares its architecture with the Biturbo, these were very well-developed cars. While hardly anyone bought them in the 1990s, they have a cult following – just ask our assistant editor – plus brutalist looks that are in right now (think Delta, Alfa SZ, etc). They also offer rousing performance: top end is 160mph and 5.5 seconds to 60mph from its 286bhp twin-turbo V6.

The most you’ll pay for a non-Cup version is £18,000, while LHD automatic Japanese imports with enigmatic histories start at around £10k. So when we saw this one guided at £6900-£7500 we thought it must be a rotter. Far from it. It’s a late-model RHD manual GT with the kind of service history you want. Just 700 miles and a year ago it had a £12k service at Meridien Milano, including belts and aircon pump. It’s also had £4k worth of welding and a fresh bulkhead.

To buy one you’ll need a sizeable warchest, though owners report that running one isn’t quite as heart attack-inducing as internet legend would suggest if you pick your mechanic wisely (though our heartbroken assistant editor chickened out of this one, admittedly). With some minor attention to the interior it could be the bargain of the year. It’s for sale with SWVA ( on 29 July