Mercedes-Benz G-Wagen

Even if you are neither a rapper or a landowner, Merc’s G-Wagen answer to the Range Rover or Land Cruiser is developing a serious case of modern classic cool.

mercedes-Benz G-wagen.jpg


t’s becoming one of the cars to be seen in, and prices are rocketing accordingly. And, much like Land Rover products, it’s equally fine to be seen in one that’s all glitz and alloys as it is in one wearing faded paint and the dents of honest graft.

Most Gs will have the stump-pulling three-litre diesel V6, and although you can still find scruffy projects for as little as £6000, and ACA recently got £10,000 for a near-200k mile ’91 model, it really takes upwards of £20k to get into the game properly as relatively few of these were sold in the UK.

As an example, in the same sale as mentioned above, ACA sold an older 280GE with just 23,000 genuine miles for a whisker over £23,000. Later ones could be had with a 5.0 V8, so are obviously even cooler, but prices are higher – probably £25k upwards.

However, your investment is probably safe as there’s big demand and not many cars to fill it. Just don’t expect to run one on a peanuts budget – and for rust’s sake don’t forget to take a good old look at the underside.

Lewis PlumbMercedes, G-wagen