Stuttgart style without the price

The Merc C-Class coupé continues to be under-rated and – to our minds – one of the modern classic bargains of the moment.

Merc CLK_preview.jpg


hese are quality motors with swoopy styling and proper Mercedes presence despite their relatively compact dimensions. And there’s never any shame in having a Merc on the drive. Yet they continue to be sold for little more than loose change. Yes, you have to be careful with Mercs from this era, and don’t even go near one without checking out its MoT history, but there are plenty of good ones in the bunch.

Regular auction house fodder, two sales in particular have stood out as missed opportunities recently. The first was a one-owner CLK200 with a genuine 53,000 miles and a fairly fresh MoT. Worth all of the £2500-£3000 estimate, but bought for £2144. Nice if you can live with the wheezy 136bhp.But the real cat-kicker was a 230 Kompressor model – that’s 193bhp to further pique your interest – which had clocked a few more owners but only a warranted 49,900 miles.

Paperwork was all good and that all-important service history was squeaky-clean too. This one had a £2500-£3500 estimate, and was very cheap at £2650.

Lewis Plumbmercedes, C-class