Now’s the time to scratch that MG TF itch. Old-school prices for MG TFs

MG TF.jpg


alues of MG TFs actually rallied for a bit last year, as we pointed out in the November 2017 issue. But in 2018 they have headed back to skid row, to the extent that they’ve become so cheap as to make a great summer daily that you could almost see as disposable.

It should be remembered that this is a neat little mid-engined sports car that – apart from the disappointing gearchange – is actually rather good to drive. They also rather sadly add a poignant full stop to a great tradition of affordable British two-seaters, so deserve some respect for that too. Right now though the market is lacking in sentiment, so absolute bargains are there for the taking.

To illustrate, we recently watched a pair of smart gunmetal grey TFs purr through the auction hall. The first was a three-owner manual car with 60k and all the right history. On a ‘no reserve’ ticket, it made just £1394.

It was followed by a two-owner car with 46k and a new headgasket that only made £1100. At that price we could forgive its Stepspeed auto ‘box.

Lewis PlumbMG, TF