Trending: MkIV Toyota Supra – this Japanese supercar deserves your attention

It won’t surprise you to find that yet another twin-turbocharged MkIV Supra has sold for the thick end of £30k. After all, values of the desirable variants of Toyota’s coupe have been climbing rapidly for a while.

Astra GTE.jpg


What might come as a surprise, however, is that the example sold by Bonhams at its MPH September auction was not one of the oft-desired and better-specified UK cars which typically command such figures – but instead a Japanese import.

The car in question, which was auctioned at the Bicester Heritage-based event on September 26, was a completely standard 1997 Supra with the desirable six-speed manual transmission and a claimed 64k under its belt. It wasn’t the first time it’d been up at auction, but this time it sold for £27,000 including premium – which is as much as you would pay privately, if not more, for a known quantity with superb history.

Some dealers have sold exceptional imports for in excess of £30,000 recently, too, so buyers are seemingly now willing to pay more. The typically rust-free chassis of imported Supras, for one thing, can be tremendously advantageous to their value.

Abbie BlundellVauxhall, Astra, GTE