Porsche 928 GTS

Porsche 928GTS.jpg


gnoring pretty much everything else that’s going on in the market, prices of Porsche’s ultimate 928, the GTS, are back on the rise after a brief breather during 2018. Or at least they are for the manual gearbox cars. Just 44 of those were originally supplied to the UK in right-hand drive, though quite a few imports have since added to that number.

Historics recently sold one of those original UK market manual cars for £51,520, over £8500 above the top estimate. And this wasn’t for some cotton wool-wrapped low-miler but one that had been properly enjoyed for over 119,000 miles. It’s no fluke either, as a similar one made $140k (£108k) in America a few months back.

Interestingly, the automatic GTSs are still stuck in the doldrums. In the same sale, Historics offered a really nice auto with the right history and 78,500 miles with a £24-30k estimate and nobody was interested.

That seems like madness. The auto suits these cars, the dynamic kickdown ensuring there’s little blunting of its performance edge. They’re rare too – we got just 130 autos in the UK. So what we have here is a nailed-on bargain just waiting for buyers.