The 911 You Can Still Rely On


As we’ve written before, the 911 market is undergoing what you might call a period of reassessment. Which in simple terms means that prices that shot up too high, too quickly a few years ago are now steadily coming back down to earth again.

We’re still seeing plenty of 911s going unsold at auction while owners adjust to the idea that they’ll either have to take a hit on what they paid or decide to keep the car.

There are always a few exceptions to any rule of course, and in this area we’re talking about the continuing enthusiasts’ favourite, the 993 series. These are not only still selling particularly well, but also holding their values. For the moment at least, they’ve stopped going up any more. 
That makes them the safest place of all to park your Porsche funds, and you won’t be disappointed when you get it home either. These 993s are the enthusiast’s choice for good reason.

To illustrate the point, a Carrera 4S we recently liked the look of was pessimistically estimated at £48k-£54k, predicting some market easing, but it ended up selling for proper money: £62,540. That’s still right up there on the 993 high-water mark.

Lewis Plumb