Renault Clio V6

It’s time to take another look at the Clio Sport V6, which we described as ‘Trending’ just over a year ago

Clio V6.jpg


nd it’s also time to admit that we don’t always get it right. Back then, good V6s were selling for £16-£19k, but with dealers putting £25k+ stickers on the same quality cars it looked like that gap might close.

It hasn’t. In fact, if anything, things appear to have slipped in the other direction, which has to be good news for anyone who fancies taking on one of these challenging but hugely entertaining mid-engined hatches.

As we write this at the end of 2018 those dealer prices are still up where they were a year ago, ie in the mid- to high-twenties, but recent real-life private and auction sales for nice cars with what seems like the norm of 70-80k on the clock, have stubbornly remained in the £13-£16k range. The refusal of V6s to take off was typified by the Phase I UK car that’s just been sold at CCA. It had two owners on the V5, a decent 83,000 miles on the clock, and – just what you want to hear with these – a recent engine-out cambelt, water pump and clutch change. Just £13,750 was enough to nab it, and that was a nice deal.

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