Trending: Supra-hero in town

From the dawn of the modern classic era, the second-generation Supra – Celica Supra 2.8i, to give it its full name – is one of 2019’s success stories.

Celica Supra.jpg


rices are rocketing for these angular coupés, which were only produced from 1982-85. There may only be 168bhp on offer from the fairly old-school straight-six, but this car’s appeal lies in the purity of its driving experience, combined with its relative rarity in the UK these days.

Even a project car in bits is hard to find for less than £2000 now – but it’s worth putting the effort and cash into one of those, as average runners are pushing £9000 and the best are probably double that and rising.

There’s currently a 119,000-miler auto of no particular greatness with a Peterborough dealer for £15,950, and a private seller in Dorset wants £19,995 for his 1985 auto, with 108,000 miles and much spent on it, though the MoT advisories suggest there’s more wallet-opening to come.

The thing is, there are only around 200 left in the UK, and most of those are off the road. The market is never going to be flooded with these.