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Super low mileage makes this Blackpool beast a remarkable bargain compared to a Sagaris

Cost New £39,575 Price £44,995


he Sagaris is probably the most expensive series TVR you can buy at the moment. You're looking at anything up to £90k for a mint example. This seems a little odd, as a sub-9k miles T350C – with which the Sagaris shares so much – is half the price.

It's certainly not half the car, down by just 50bhp and around the same number of torques. The T350 also does without the extreme body styling of the Sagaris. Some might call this junior model truly beautiful. The example you see before you has done a mere 8104 miles, and the bodywork looks great, with only a couple of small touched-in stonechips on the nose to note.

The alloy wheels are in perfect, unmarked condition. Each one wears Goodyear Eagle F1 rubber with many miles worth of life left in them.

The interior is in excellent nick too, with only minor creasing on the leather to report. The door opening warning buzzer was eager to cry wolf during our test, but Horsepower Hangar assures us that this will be sorted before the car is sold.

Otherwise all the electrical items work perfectly, and as you might expect from the tiny mileage of 8100, it's been well looked after, with plenty of receipts to back it up. It's had a reconditioned ECU and a Waxoyl treatment in 2017, the air conditioning was fixed in 2016 and the wheels refurbished in 2015. Going back further, it had a replacement fifth gear and synchro in 2008.

Though this is a short wheelbase TVR, it comes as a bit of a surprise to find the T350 isn't some scary monster. It's tractable at up to 7/10ths, and predictable on the limit. The surge from the straight-six is truly addictive (as you'll have read about in our Tuscan Speed Six feature, p24). The steering is full of feedback, plus it's sharp and direct too. It's very easy to become immersed, very quickly and you simply won't want to get out of it.

We didn't experience any driving faults, and there were no peculiar noises or vibrations to report during our time with the car. The brakes were sharp and strong, with no tramlining, and pedal feel was excellent.

This is one of the best examples of the T350C breed we've seen, and one of the lowest mileage cars. With interest in the brand on the up, this taste of the old-school TVR packs plenty of flavour.


Year:     2006
Mileage:    8104
On sale at:    Horsepower Hangar

Engine:    3605cc, 6-cyl, DOHC
Transmission:    RWD, 6-speed manual
Power:     345bhp@7200rpm
Torque:     288lb-ft@5500rpm
Weight:     1230kg

0-60mph:    4.6sec
Top speed:    172mph
Economy:     23mpg

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2002: TVR T350 launched in Coupe and Targa forms, powered by a 3.6-litre version of the Speed Six engine. Much of the componentry is shared with the Tamora. Optional Sport Pack offers lap timing, oil temperature and water temperature in the multi-functional display.

2005: Two years after its first public showing, the Sagaris goes on sale with 406bhp, 4.0-litre version of the T350's straight-six.

2006: Production of the T350 and Sagaris comes to an end – as does the TVR company itself. However, the Sagaris moulds are kept and the car is kept alive as a race car. In 2018 it was made available again, as a kit car.

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