Volkswagen Golf R32 (MkV)

R32 desirability is soaring at the moment, but only the best are making decent money the R32 MkV has become a bona fide modern classic…

Cost New £23,745 Price £13,995


hen we covered this hero in October 2017, a good example would cost £8000. Today, this amount secures you a tidy example, but not the best. This one, offered for sale by KGF Classic Cars, is priced at the top end of our 2017 estimates. Is it worth it?

First impressions are really good. The exterior is damn near perfect, with just the mildest kerb rubbing to the nearside rear wheel. Two fastidious former keepers have kept up the annual servicing even though the tiny 26k mileage hardly warranted it. Last serviced in April, it has eight stamps from Volkswagen and two from specialists, backed up with main dealer-stamped invoices. There’s even a little tub of oil in its original Breeze VW dealer bag.

It's the same story inside. There's some minor driver's seat bolster thinning and some light scratches around the inner door latch: otherwise, it's spotless. There’s a neat VW bottle opener in the centre console and the six-disc autochanger under the arm rest. The only addition is a Bluetooth audio upgrade.

Fire up the narrow-angle 3.2-litre V6 and there’s a surprising lack of drama. Out of Sport mode, the exhaust behaves itself and the DSG’s changes are slick. Push Sport and everything changes. There’s a crackle from the back and the gears shift much faster. The combination of the four-wheel drive system and smart Haldex coupling with a set of excellent matched Dunlop Sport Max tyres gives exceptional grip. Any suspicion that a TDi would do the job just as well vanishes the first time you get stuck into a spirited drive. The sound is intoxicating, the performance more impressive still.

Best of all, when you decide to be mature again and just waft along, take it out of Sport and it’s as competent as any Golf. It’s a great mix. If you could only have one modern classic to do the commute and the weekend blast, you could do an awful lot worse than this R32.

There’s really very little to put you off buying this particular car. Its show-ready condition and excellent road manners make it one of the best examples on sale. Don’t just take our word for it though: go and book a test drive and enjoy the R32 experience for yourself.

Volkswagen Golf R32

Year:     2005
Mileage:     25,600
On sale at:     KGF Classic Cars

Engine:     3189cc, 6-cyl, DOHC
Transmission:     4WD, 6-speed DSG
Power:     247bhp@6300rpm
Torque:     236lb-ft@3000rpm
Weight:     1569kg

0-60mph:    6.2sec
Top speed:     155mph
Economy:     29mpg

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2003: the MkV Golf replaces the MkIV and for the first time the R32 model was planed from the outset.

2007: R32 goes on sale with a revised inlet manifold and an additional 10bhp. The new part-time Haldex four-wheel drive system replaces the old mechanical setup.

2007: New-generation R32 features 20mm lowered suspension, optional DSG transmission, 18-inch alloy wheels, a ten-speaker audio system and 18-inch alloy wheels, all for hardly any more than the GTI at £23,745.

2009: R32 production ends with the introduction of the new four-cylinder Golf R.

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