Volvo 240: That's the name of the game


Maybe it’s all part of the vibe that’s brought Abba back together again, but against the odds all those Lego-brick-shaped Volvo estates are now in demand. 

Values for all models have been rising this year, especially the older 240-series cars, so it might be time to snap up a good 740 or 940 before they start playing catch-up. At this point I should probably declare an interest as the owner of a (not for sale) 940 Turbo.

The 240s finally made the jump from ‘hmm, they’re on the up’ to ‘holy cow, what just happened?’ at SWVA’s sale at the end of April. A 1987 Volvo 240 GL auto (pictured) is no golden ticket in this niche, even with one-owner history. It was properly nice, but it had done nearly 84,000 miles. Estimate? £800-£1000. Price paid? £8384.

Yep, that got everyone else’s attention all right. Especially among those who’d been at Anglia Car Auctions two weeks earlier and ignored the very nice warranted 69,000-mile 240 SE estate that had appeared in ITV’s A Private War drama recently. That car could have been bought for less than £3000 then, but wasn’t. We suspect it will now reappear with higher expectations (and numbers) attached.

Lewis PlumbVolvo 240, 240, volvo