VW Polo 1.6 GTI

The forgotten Volkswagen GTI…

VW Polo GTi.jpg


ere’s a car almost no-one outside the almost cultish VW scene thinks exists. Overshadowed by both the Golf and the smaller Lupo GTI with which it shares running gear, the Polo 1.6 GTI was on sale for less than two years between 2000 and 2002. Being largely the same car underneath, it’s almost as good as the revered Lupo GTI.

It has the same sweet handling, is just a whisker slower, but has more room. Polos came with three or five doors too. But while the Lupo can easily fetch £5000-£6000, until recently you’d struggle to get £1500 for the Polo, and there are still some on the market for less than that. Not many, mind you, as only 1050 remain.

But there are signs that times are changing. The no reserve sub-30,000-miler pictured was strongly bid for at ACA recently and sold in the end for £4452. That’s more like it.

Just make sure there’s no whirring sound from the gearbox when buying. It’s the sound of imminent failure.

Lewis PlumbVW, GTI, Polo