Alfa Romeo 155 2.0 TS

Chris Cousins ‘It’s starting to be accepted at classic shows’

  • Year: 1994

  • Mileage: 110,000

  • Acquired: 2016

  • Dream car: Ferrari 250 GT Lusso

Why choose this car?

I saw them on track in the 1990s and wondered what they were like in real life. When they were new the styling didn’t grab me, but it does now – like lots of Alfa Romeos it appears to become more beautiful the older it gets.

What’s the best bit?

Undoubtedly the handling, although the torque of the old eight-valve chain-drive 2.0-litre engine is always a pleasure and it goes really well. The 155 is also starting to be accepted at classic shows now, and you can fit four 16in alloys in the boot. I’d be too embarrassed to mention that it returns 38-40mpg.

What’s the worst bit?

Body and trim parts can be difficult to find, and therefore expensive, these days. Unfortunately, it’s still seen as a boy racer car by some.

Any modifications?

Bigger wheels and I think the suspension has been lowered a bit.

What’s it like?

Parts supply can be a problem, but the owners club is a great help, particularly the 155 register and the parts service. We have a local specialist which is great, but this car has needed nothing but service and MoT in three years and there is no sign of rust on it, either.

Any advice for potential owners?

If you’re looking to buy, get the best one you can afford as restoration costs can be high. Join the owners club and announce your intention to buy, because the best cars change hands without being advertised.

Any funny mishaps?

I left it for eight weeks once and the battery went flat, but that’s more embarrassing than funny!