Alpina B10 3.5/1 (E34)

Jurgen Henot -  'It's 25 years old but has everything that a modern car has, plus the straight-six sounds glorious'

  • Year: 1992

  • Mileage: 70,800

  • Acquired: 2016

  • Dream car: Alpina B12 Coupe

Why an Alpina?

People always compare Alpinas to BMW's M cars. Alpina stands for exclusivity, power, comfort and low consumption while M stands for pure performance without a thought for comfort or consumption. 

After I bought my first Alpina, a D3, I got the virus – I ended up buying a Roadster S, and then got a D3 Touring Allrad company car. 

After enjoying Alpina's 50th birthday celebrations, including a passenger ride in a B3 GT3 around the Nürburgring with the firm's CEO, Andreas Bovensiepen, I fancied a B10 BiTurbo. Sadly my budget only stretched to a 3.5/1, and I found this one in Belgium. There were a few minor issues, but nothing I couldn't do myself.

What’s the best bit?

It's 25 years old but has everything that a modern car has; electric seats, windows and sunroof. The straight-six sounds glorious and it looks fabulous. 

What do you like least?

It does seem to consume a lot of petrol compared to more modern cars!

What mods does it have?

I changed the steering wheel from a four-spoke to a three-spoke, and switched the
radio from a modern JVC unit to a more period-looking Becker stereo.

I've also replaced the leather around the handbrake and gear lever, and replaced the indicators and grille as the originals were broken. I've also put the B10 logo back in the right place.

What’s it like to run?

I always take my car to Performance Shop Geel ( – the staff there are well known around here for their knowledge of BMW M cars. 

Parts are easy to come by via the internet, and there are plenty of books on the E34 that are very useful. 

What advice do you have for potential owners?

Always check for rust, but that's the case for all E34s. Also, check whether the chassis number is original with Alpina.

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