Ford Sapphire Cosworth

Jason Marsden ‘Had a few sideways moments… you've always got to be on the ball’

Ford Sapphire Cosworth.jpg
  • Year: 1989

  • Mileage: 136,000

  • Acquired: 2015

  • Dream car: Ford RS200

Why this car?

Why not? It's fun. I've had a number of Cosworths and the Sapphire drives the best without standing out like the Escorts or the 3-doors.

What’s the best bit?

My two-owner car is totally unrestored and drives very well. The first owner had it for 24 years. All the services were carried out by the supplying dealership. Apart from regular servicing, all I've had to replace in my four years have been the front compliance bushes.

What’s the worst bit?

Worrying about it getting stolen or damaged as I don't think I could replace it if any of the above was to happen. I've been followed home a few times, but I just drive past my house.

What’s it like to run?

It's OK to run. Tax rates aren't cheap but parts are. Only a chosen few touch my car. I'm a member of a few clubs like the RSOC and the CDC, good sets of lads and very helpful if any advice is needed.

Any advice for potential owners?

Yes: buy one! They're good investments but buy the best one that's in your budget. A good service history is always desirable on one of these as they are not driven like a Mini Metro. A lot of these cars have been victims of joyriders and have seen the wrong side of a hedge so look for original panels and rust in sills and back arches.

Any modifications?

My car was totally standard. The previous owner and a good friend fitted a Stage 1 chip for a much better drive.

Any funny mishaps?

Had a few sideways moments… you've always got to be on the ball.

Lewis Plumb