Honda Civic Type R

Kieran Tyler Bailey ‘I love all aspects of the Civic but that high-revving engine really does stand out’

  • Year: 2000

  • Mileage: 89,000

  • Acquired: 2017

  • Dream car: NSX-R 02

Why did you choose the car?

I really wanted something that I could beat on but that could take it. I first had a 1.4 Honda Civic EJ9 and started to modify it, but realised I was wasting money. So I toyed with importing an EK9, the ultimate Civic for me. It looks good, has an awesome Japanese interior and lots of power. The EK9 is a dream car and now I drive one!

What’s the best bit? 

The high-revving 1.6 litre B16B engine – I think lots would agree, I love all aspects of the car but that engine really does stand out. 

What’s the worst bit?

Fuel consumption, but I soon eased off the throttle a bit and it improved. I even managed a Nürburgring trip on three-quarters of a tank. The aircon leaked so I sorted the rust in the driver's footwell. Someone gave me a tiny ding in my door, which frustrated me as it's my pride and joy. 

Any modifications? 

The car already had a carbon intake pipe. I’ve changed the head unit from an old Gathers OEM radio to a double-din touchscreen and changed the rear speakers. The car's on Volk TE37 wheels as I took the EK9 to the Nürburgring and those wheels had semi-slick AD08R’s on them. Does Ferodo DS2500 front pads count as a mod?

What’s it like to run?

The Honda community is pretty good, and has people who know their stuff. Some things are hard to find like the dash bulb behind the heater controls that I can't find. Also I can't find a complete OEM airbox.

Any advice for potential buyers?

Seat bolster wear is common, but can be reduced by sliding the seat back to get in and out. Mine have lasted well this way. 

Get the car undersealed and check where water could get in. Remove the arch liners, clean and seal, then put the liners back. Take the skirts off and check the sills. 

Any funny mishaps?  

When I picked the car up, it had an old Gathers OEM unit in it with a mini cassette player. I had a roughly six-hour drive home with nothing other than a repeating Japanese cassette. Hilarious the first time, but six hours of it was a nightmare.