Honda Civic Type R FN2

Alexander Wright ‘On a B-road it turns into a true Type R’

  • Year: 2009

  • Mileage: 74,000

  • Acquired: 2017

  • Dream car: A Mugen 200

Why did you choose the car?

I’ve always loved Championship White. It’s only within the past couple of years that the FN2 shape really started growing on me. So when one came up in the dream colour for a brilliant price, I had it.

What’s the best bit? 

The lower VTEC crossover and the handling. Turn off the VSA (stability, traction control, etc) on a good B-road and it turns into a true Type R – fun, agile and puts a huge smile on your face. Or you can jump on a motorway and completely relax. A great all-rounder.

What’s the worst bit? 

The gear knob; changing it was probably the best thing I’ve done.

What’s it like to run? 

There’s a good few websites that’ll sort you out with all the parts you could ever wish for (such as Tegiwa, 6two1 and Cox motor parts) and with me working in a parts shop and my father being a mechanic it keeps the costs down nicely. There are also some brilliant Honda groups around nowadays, such as UK Honda Group, the FN2 Owners Club UK and If there’s anything you’re unsure about, there’s bound to be someone on one of the groups who has done it a thousand times.

Any modifications? 

C-pillar brace, centre box delete (keeps it civilised), HKS panel filter, Skunk2 springs, Skunk2 gear knob, 6two1 oil cap, genuine Mugen grille, Downstar dress-up bolts and a Takata harness.

Any advice for buyers? 

Just watch out for roof rust! If gone unnoticed it can ruin a perfectly good car. Mine needs repairing – it’ll cost around £300 to get it sorted, but it did get me a grand off the asking price!

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