Maserati Ghibli GT

Ian Roberts ‘The secret is to use it and keep on top of anything that requires attention’

Maserati Ghibli GT.jpg
  • Year: 1999

  • Mileage: 68,500

  • Acquired: 2014

  • Dream car: Lamborghini Countach '88.5

Why did you choose the car?

I’ve had quite a few Italian cars: Alfa 75, 164 and 166, then I had a Maserati 222SE on a J-reg followed by a 1994 Ghibli as a daily driver. It was a left-hand drive Italian import and I used it as a daily for about three years. I sold it to buy a 1998 Quattroporte and regretted it the moment it went. The QP was a great car, but I really missed the Ghibli.

I then moved on to a 4200, which I liked but it kept letting me down. All the while I had one eye on the Ghiblis for sale, but not many come up – and quite a lot of those that do need plenty of work. Then, through the Maserati forums, I heard of this one maybe becoming available. It’s in such great condition and has been really well looked after, plus it’s in my favourite Ghibli colour – Rosso Oriente, which was the colour of my first one.

It’s a last-of-the-line Ghibli GT registered in 1999, one of the very last made. It was a no-brainer and I bought it on the spot. I would have preferred a manual, but they are quite rare and this one was so good I just had to have it.

Best bit of the car?

The looks. I just love the way it's so wide and squat.

Worst bit?

I don’t drive it enough.

What's it like to run?

There are plenty of specialists out there. Luckily I’m close to Eurospares and Grimaldi in Essex, so there’s no shortage of support from them. I also have a petrolhead friend who has his own garage; he looks after it and my other cars. The build quality is patchy, but the secret is to use it and keep on top of anything that requires attention.

Any advice for owners?

Take your time and find a good one, otherwise you can spend as much again on making it good.

Any mishaps?

Not with this one, but my QP broke down on the outside lane of the M25 – I made the travel news on the radio with that one!