Maserati Gransport LE

Peter Noonan ‘I went through three 4200s before finally buying a GranSport’

  • Year: 2006

  • Mileage: 52,000

  • Acquired: 2014

  • Dream car: Maserati 3500 GT

Why the GranSport?
The first time I saw a Maserati coupé – a 3200 in 1999 – I was hooked by the curves and how swiftly it pulled away from my humble Peugeot! Eight years later, I finally had enough funds to buy my own – a 4200. Over the next 10 years, I went through three 4200s before finally buying a GranSport.

What do you love?
The GS is much more hardcore than the earlier 4200s. Its suspension, steering and throttle response more in tune to a spirited drive and it's so planted. It’s a genuine GT – even the girlfriend likes it.

What do you dislike?
It's not kind to your spine on anything but the smoothest of roads and its capabilities mask its true speed – watch your licence! Maserati’s pricing structure for parts can really sour the relationship; and avoid potholes, as wheels buckle and bend easily and are close to a grand each to replace.

Any mods?
I have kept the car as close to standard as possible. I have yet to see one that looks any better with modifications.

What’s it like to run?
My experience has been fault-free, with one exception, while on holiday in Europe. The aircon compressor bearings seized, jamming everything connected to the auxiliary drive belts. It was dealt with thanks to support from the Maserati community across Europe.

Any advice for buyers?
Do your research, buy on history and use an independent Maserati specialist. I entrust my car to FTech in Exeter and Emblem in Poole for maintenance; I would also recommend Richard Grace Cars for sales, or even just a good chat.