Porsche 911 Carerra 2S

Dale Cheasley ‘The worst thing is the negativity you get from people who have never owned one’

  • Year: 2005

  • Mileage: 84,000

  • Acquired: 2018

  • Worst car owned: N-reg 1.2 Renault Clio

Why did you choose the car?

I was lucky enough to have a Dad who loved his classic cars and especially his Morgans. He came home one time in a classic 911 and I have loved anything Porsche since. I started with a 986 Boxster for just £4000. Most people upgrade their house, but I chose to upgrade my Porsche. I sold the Boxster for a profit to buy a 996 which was my first 911, then fell in love with this 997 as soon as I saw it. Loved the Aero kit too so I had to have it. No plans to upgrade any further though. This one is a keeper for sure.

What’s the best bit?

The noise. I can't get enough of it. It doesn’t help the mpg but I just love that roar. I also love the passion for the brand. There are some great people in the clubs who worship all things Porsche. It's a real community.

What’s the worst bit?

In my opinion the car itself has no worst bits. The worst thing about 911 ownership is the negativity that you get from other people who have never owned one. They drive me up the wall. 996 and early 997 cars did have the fateful IMS and bore scoring issues. People who think they are in the know about these 911s seem so fixated on these issues.

All cars have their downfalls. It just casts a real shadow over ownership. It's a nightmare to ask a question on a social media site without 50% of answers being fatal.

Any modifications?

I have left the car unmodified. It is exactly as it was when it came out of the factory. It has a Porsche certificate of production and it came with plenty of extras including the factory fitted Aero Cup body kit.

What’s it like to run?

As cheap and easy as a new Ford. Service parts are no more than my other cars. And with a two-year, 20k-mile service interval they are great cars. It's the big bits that cost the money, if you needed a new gearbox for example. Plenty of good social media sites for advice though, and I often do the work myself. All I do make sure of is to get services done by a Porsche specialist so it has a full history. Main dealers seem to charge the earth as always. Some great discounts if you join Porsche Club GB though, on everything from parts to insurance and tyres.

Any advice for buyers?

Drive it and enjoy it! I hate to see these cars sat in a garage or in storage because the owner doesn’t want to put miles on it. Why own it to not drive it? Just my opinion of course, but enjoy it, you only live once!

Any funny mishaps?

Its got quite a low front splitter and there's nothing worse than hearing that grinding along the floor. I did make the old mistake of following the satnav up a small lane to find a hump bridge in the road. I just couldn’t get over it without breaking something. Luckily it was a quiet single track road, but it was one hell of a reverse for about a mile.

Lewis Plumb