RenaultSport Clio V6

Dave Sibley ‘The Clio V6 is a completely wacky concept that we will never see the like of again’

Clio V6.jpg
  • Year: 2002

  • Mileage: 80,000

  • Acquired: 2015

  • Dream car: My 1990 Renault 21 Quadra

Why did you choose the car?

I’m a big Renault fan, I’ve owned many old Turbo models (5/9/11/21) and still have a 1986 9 Turbo, 1990 21 Turbo Quadra, as well as a 197 Cup which is a hoot. The V6 is a completely wacky concept that we will never see the like of again. With prices climbing, I thought I had missed the boat, but in 2015 I got my chance so took it.

What’s the best bit?

Oh my god, the noise of the V6 singing away a foot behind your head. That, and the fact that when it growls past, most people turn and look, or do a double take.

What’s the worst bit?

When you get under the skin and realise this really was once just a poverty spec Clio shell that’s been attacked by a mad Frenchman with a plasma cutter and welder, followed by a Max Power bodykit and a tin of glue!

Any modifications?

Trophy magnesium wheels from the Clio Trophy race cars, Recaro Pole Position seats (so my 6ft 6in frame fits), sports exhaust, and a few suspension mods to remove the renowned Phase 1 snappiness on the limit.

What’s it like to run?

The cost of non-service parts is absolutely tremendous for anything not shared with a poverty spec Clio MkII, and availability is terrible. The club has been a godsend, particularly Simon Hope who has been a legend, and my crew at who supported (and laughed) while I took forever getting it painted. Servicing isn’t too bad with an interim one costing under a £100. Belt service is an engine-out job so big labour bills. It’s the bespoke V6 stuff that hurts – other parts are reasonable.

Any advice for owners?

Join the club at Don’t listen to the “handling is shit” haters. Treat it with respect and you will get the same in return. These are special – drive one and you'll understand.

Any funny mishaps?

I planned to go to the ClioSport festival. The realisation there is a V6 where the boot used to be, and figuring out how to fit camping kit in it, was a semi-amusing game of Tetris. I discovered the tent fits snugly in the Recaro, with the seatbelt round it.

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