Volkswagen Jetta 16V

Martin Wall ‘I love the smile it puts on my face and the comments it gets at shows’

  • Year: 1989

  • Mileage: 197,000

  • Acquired: Oct 2013

  • Dream car: VW T2 Bay Window

Why did you choose the car?

I was actually on the hunt for a MkII Golf at the time but couldn’t find one I liked. A friend of a friend had this Jetta for sale. I drove it and loved it.

What’s the best bit? 

I love the smile it puts on my face, and the comments at shows and meets – usually, 'I haven’t seen one in years, especially as well looked after as this.'

What’s the worst bit? 

Some parts are now difficult or expensive to acquire.

What’s it like to run? 

There’s a vast fanbase for MkIIs, both Golfs and Jettas, so there are lots of knowledgeable people out there that can help. Most parts are available but some are becoming harder to find.

Any modifications? 

Yes... lowered all round on adjustable coil overs, full engine and gearbox rebuild, Marlboro motorsport wrap, genuine BBS RS 7” front 8” rear, stainless exhaust, Metalplas bonnet vent, Autoplas rear window louvre, OMP wooden steering wheel.

Any advice for buyers? 

Engines are relatively cheap, so always buy on body condition. 

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