VW Lupo GTi

Matthew Brown ‘I think it looks brilliant even at 16 years old, and I love how it drives.’

  • Year: 2002

  • Mileage: 72,000

  • Acquired: 2018

  • Dream car: Aston martin DB5 manual

Why did you choose the car?

Ever since I was a 17-year-old kid I’d always wanted a Lupo GTI. They’re rare now too. The car had previously been featured in the November 2002 edition of Volkswagen Driver magazine. I rang the magazine and they had a copy with my car in it.

Best bit of the car?

The way it looks. I think it looks brilliant even at 16 years old. And how it drives.

Worst bit?

No boot, but it's OK for my needs. It could be worse.

Any modifications?

Not modified, totally standard. I've named him Larry though.

What's it like to run?

Parts are really hard to find – and tyres are not only hard to find but expensive too. Only one brand does the right size now – Toyo. An exhaust back box is £600 and I cannot find bonnets, wings or body parts for the life of me, as the GTIs are aluminium not steel like the rest of the range. Windscreens are thinner than the standard car and hard to find, so don't break it. Engine bits are easy to find and service, though, as the engine is shared with the Polo GTI. Road tax is £260 a year.

Any advice for owners?

Check the rear third light. Water gets into the spoiler and then into the light cluster. The part is available from VW for £30. It’s a very reliable and well-built car. Club Lupo are really good with all things Lupo, not just the GTIs. They know the issues and where to get parts.

Any mishaps?

No mishaps. Passed its MoT with no advisories. I love this thing.

Lewis PlumbVW Lupo GTi