Honda Civic Type R FN2

Honda Civic Type R FN2

Martin Godfrey‘I like the styling because, as strange as it sounds, it’s like a sports trainer. And I love that rear wing’

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Year     2008    Mileage           75,000

Acquired         2016    Dream car       1965 Ford Mustang 

Other Modern Classics owned Toyota Supra MkIV and MINI Cooper S R56

Why the Civic?

I’d always wanted a Type R. I’d been put off buying an EP3 purely because of the age, mileage and the risk of getting one that had been thrashed. I liked the FN2’s styling because, as strange as it sounds, it looks like a sports trainer. And I love that rear wing across the window at the back – some people don’t. I also liked the reliability of Hondas – a sharp contrast after the replacement engine and turbo that my MINI required.


What do you like about it?

It’s the nice blend of being comfortable to drive fast and working well as a daily driver, even with stiff suspension. The boot space is impressive too!


What don’t you like about it?

I hate that I can’t see the front of the bonnet; it makes car parks a challenge. Although it’s fast it doesn’t feel punchy, or particularly quick. I’ve had turbo cars before and that might explain my feelings, especially compared to the MINI I had.


What’s it like to run?

Since I had it I’ve spent £1400, which got me a brand-new set of rear brake discs and callipers, pads front and rear, plus front dampers – all genuine Honda parts. I get around 34mpg out of it, but that’s mostly motorway driving. I use Ivan Barrett’s Garage in Warboys, Cambridgeshire. They really know their stuff. It is one of the few garages that is prepared to fit parts you supply. 


Any advice for buyers?

Definitely drive one ‘properly’ before you buy one – push it to the limit if the owner will let you. The Type R’s driving style isn’t for everyone, and it really only reveals itself once you push it. Oh and make sure the brakes have been serviced.


Any funny mishaps?

I’d owned it for two weeks when I went to a fireworks display. When I got back to my car there were the remains of a smoking firework next to it and a dent in the bonnet. Oh and on the A12 there’s a slipway that shouldn’t really be a slipway. It’s more of a corner that joins the motorway. The phrase ‘when in doubt, power out’ comes to mind – that was the first time I lit all the shift lights up in every gear. That wasn’t too much fun.

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