Alfa Romeo GTV


Alfa Romeo GTV

Year:                 2008     Mileage:           113,000

Acquired:         2016    Dream car:       Alfa Romeo 8C  

Best car film:   Group B (2015)

Dream trip:      Route de Canigou


Craig Hallam ‘People think that it’s a £20,000 car – and they fall over when I tell them what the original price was’


Why the Alfa?

This is Alfa number 13 and my fourth GTV. Having sold my Spider I wanted to get back to that classic look and V6 grunt of the GTV. It was a project and an ugly runt, but by adding some new parts and a lot of TLC she became a real one-off!

What do you love most?

The noise under gentle persuasion, the red near-spotless interior and those GTA dark alloys. People think it is a £20k car and fall over when I tell them the actual value.

What’s the worst bit?

If not driven for a week all the electricity can escape thanks to the immobiliser. Trickle charging and weekly runs keep it in check! 

Any modifications? 

An Autodelta exhaust system and air intake, Bilsteins on the front to improve the ride and the red leather and GTA alloys. 

What’s it like to run? 

These engines are beasts, but well behaved if serviced correctly; I’ve never had a GTV go badly wrong. Flat batteries, Mass Flow Meters and suspension seem the most common. Get a quality relationship with an independent – Luke at SDR Autos in East Sussex is spot on, and GTV City are very amenable breakers.

Any advice for buyers?

Mileage is not an issue, but condition and history are! A 75k mileage GTV can cost a lot if needing attention, whereas one with 125k miles can run trouble free if the owner has kept on top of all the work. If you are looking to keep it for a while, get one with the rear spoiler and teledials. Red, Blue, Silver and Grey are strong colours with Tan or Red leather.

Any funny mishaps?

On taking my son out for a Sunday blast, (he’s six) he pronounced it’s a ‘race car’. He was fascinated by the temp gauge. I told him we will not go fast until it hits 90°. He now tells everyone we meet that ‘dad only drives at 90 with me in the car’... social services anyone?

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